Saturday, July 21, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! More makeups, a dress and tanktops!

Hey. :)

Semi-big update at artilleri today! Well, big for me at least. I'm not a machiiine. Just a very sleepy human being. So I'll skip all the big fancy words (as if I ever use those) and show you pictures.

New makeups! 6 of'em. 600L$ each, or you can go for the fatpacks of 4 which are 1800L$ (25% discount).

New tank tops! Can never ever get enough. :) Sold in pack of 2 for 180L$.

And last, but not least, a very lovely dress called Jennae. :) Comes in 7 colours, sold individually (200L$) and in a fatpack (700L$).


<3, Antonia :)


JetDoll said...


Torrid said...

Ooo very nice :D. Where are your hairstyles from btw?

antonia said...

hi. :)
the hair in the skinad is luv from kin keiko. on the tank top ads: blonde one is flirt from HCT, the red one is Antonia from Aden by Aden Breyer (you can find his store at Random Industries) and the blonde one is Manny, also from Aden. Last but not least in the Jeanne ad is a fabulous hair from Betty Doyle over at Ingenue, I think it is called Bombshell. She has some really nice retro hairstyles. :)

Torrid said...

Wow I'd never even heard about Aden, I'm gonna rush over haha. Thank you <3