Thursday, July 23, 2009

NEW @ Artilleri! Picnic table!

Hi guys!

I've made a picnic table, a perfect supplement to the previously released BBQ and great for those backyard parties with good friends! A lot of work went into this and I hope you can tell. It's very detailed which the total prim count of 99 might tell you. I promise, I tried to be as conservative as possible with prims when I was making it. I guess I failed somewhere along the line... :) The table itself is only 14 prims, so if you're running low on prim you can always remove some of the extras.

Both the table and the tablecloth are scripted with texture change. Table has 10 textures (different wooden colours) and the tablecloth has 28 (in 5 categories). The version rezzed in the HOME store is set to listen to everyone so you can try it out, but the purchased version is owner only so you don't have to worry about people changing your settings.


Permissions change:
ALL items at Artilleri HOME are now mod/copy/no transfer. They used to be no copy/trans, but my personal preference when purchasing furniture is to have it copyable so I always have a spare in my inventory should I mess up, or SL eat my things rezzed inworld.
Don't worry, I have not changed the prices on the furniture.

Store cards:
REMINDER! Store cards are getting the boot on the 24th, as announced a month ago. Please be sure to use your cards before the "deadline".

Xoxo, Antie :))

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Anonymous said...

Thx for changing the perms Antie - nice move!