Wednesday, March 04, 2009

NEW @ artilleri! 3 hairs!


Old hairs bye, new hairs hello! After 1 1/2 years of cowering in fear whenever someone suggested I make hair, I finally faced my fears and gave it a go. And hey, it ain't too bad! I'm far from a expert, but I think these 3 turned out pretty good!


Sabina II:


Both Sabina hairs come with texture change bandanas. 37 yummy textures divided into these categories: Plains, polkadots, animal, tropical and misc.
All hairs available in 20 colours. Sold in packs of 4; Blondes, blacks, browns, reds and rainbow. Packs are 200L$ each, and fatpacks are 20% off at 800L$. Demos are, of course, free.

The hairs are located on the upper floor of the diner, above the stage.

Hope you like them!


Ana Lutetia said...


Vain Inc. said...

OMG need to go inworld!!! love love this!!

Bente said...

Fliink! <3

Elizabeth Hallstrom said...

Oh I will miss SL. Your new dos made me want to come back but I must resist. Lovely, simply lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love 'em! I just was there the other day to buy up the older styles..looks like I need to head back!

Anonymous said...

They are awesom!