Monday, May 07, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Spotty mix tattoo and the Patsy dress!

I can never get enough tattoos in SL, and I prefer those who are pretty heavy. The avatar is a canvas. Been wanting to make one with a leopard pattern for a while, but first try looked horrific, but this second try came out way better. I love it! Colourfun and cool. Comes in undershirt, shirt and jacket layer. I also updated the rest of my tattoos so that they come in all the layers in case you need something that's not undershirt/underpants.

The Patsy dress is a remake of one of the first dresses, if not the first dress, I ever made in SL. It was called Cute'n'Dotty back then and looked pretty much like this, just without the buttons. And way crappier. :) But I liked the overall look of it, so here is is, reborn!

Up for sale at my mainstore in Axel. :)

<3, Antonia M

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elka said...

Mexican skull + leopard prints... Are you trying to seduce me mama? WOOHOO you rawk it hard Antiepoo! <333 And gosh, you're looking more and more gorgeous every second, it's incredible! (PS, what's that hair? uh UH???)