Monday, April 23, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! :) Micci jewelry and Heidi cuffed shirts.

Micci - Necklace and earrings with cute little mini microphones. The chain on the necklace came out sorta primmy, so I made a lowprim version of it too. But the ├╝berprimmy one is prettier tho. :)
Heidi - Basic tied up shirt with prim cuffs. Nothing fancy schmancy, but sexy!

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<3, Antie


Canimal said...

Antie you been keeping BUSY!!
I love EVERYTHING you made it's all GORGOUS!! <333333333333

Ana Lutetia said...

love the shirts! ;)

Sophie said...

hey I love the stuff, and I always noticed the skins were good too. What skin is that in the picture if you don't mind me asking?

antonia said...

cani, ana; thanks!!

sophie: i get questions about the skin i use almost every day. and it's no surprise, cause they are sooo good. they'r made by lovey darling over at lovey's boutique. :D i'm impatiently waiting for her to add more makeups now. neeed.. mooore... skiiiins!!! :D