Saturday, February 24, 2007

NEW @ artilleri! Cupid tube tops, and leopard pants! Meow.

I am very proud of the texture on the cupid tops. I have to say that. I've never been any good at dealing with white textures, but this time I made it. Whoho! The tops are inspired by a dress or top (something, I didnt get a close enough look) that some girl is wearing in the Gym Class Heroes music video called Cupids Chokehold. Yeah, I've been watching MTV. Again. Anyway, you get to choose between 8 versions (different colour on the belt), or you can get the fatpack at a superdiscount, 8 for the price of 4. :)

I used to have leopard pants in my old store, but I retired them when I moved. And I missed them. :) So I made new ones.

Have a wonderful weekend!

<3, ant


HoneyB said...

heeey girly - wow i adore those capris! You are the boss!!!!

Honey B

Ana Lutetia said...

Happy International Women's Day! :)

Menno Ophelia said...


Just a little comment, to tell you how your style, store inspires the hell out of me :)